Tami Lenker: ‘Leveling Up’ Technology for Teaching

By Dan Gordon, THE Journal

We’ve had technology for a while now — we’ve been 1-to-1 for a few years — and we’ve been trying to raise the bar, or we call it level-up, and to get the teachers to share with one another and collaborate more. That’s started to happen, and it’s become contagious. We’ve had teacher-led professional development where you have an open mic, they get up and give a little elevator pitch about something they’re doing, and then afterwards people can choose to approach them for more details. We also did something like “speed dating” where we played music, everyone rotated and talked to a teacher for four minutes and then rotated again, so that they all got to see what other classes were doing, and it was less intimidating talking to a smaller group for a short time. We have an Innovation Incubator, where it’s like the Shark Tank television show — you go before people with a pitch, and they choose to buy in or reject your proposal.


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