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March 26, 2015

The Secret Is the Blend

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By Tanya Joosten, Inside Higher Ed

Blended learning allows us to better meet the needs of students. It provides them flexibility in their lives since they don’t have to come to campus as much through instructors’ effective use of technology to facilitate learning activities appropriate for the online medium. For instance, one can use the online environment to deliver content rather than f2f lecture, which is partly why flipped instruction attracted new attention. Most importantly, many would claim that blended learning is more effective than f2f or online because you have the luxury of both worlds, f2f and online. Hence, we hear blended learning is the “best of best worlds” quite often around our circles. Research has documented blended as the more effective mode of delivery (e.g., Means,Toyama, Murphy, Bakia, & Jones, 2009). Furthermore, for other instructors, programs, and institutions who are reluctant to make the move online or have no need to meet the needs of students at a distance but feel the train of the future is leaving the station without them; blended instruction feels like the safe alternative that is in-line with their campus culture.

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