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February 24, 2015

In Emerson, an early lesson in ‘Digital Citizenship’ and online presence

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Dennis Gordon, a social studies teacher at Patrick M. Villano Elementary School, stood in front of his third-grade class and pointed at a picture of footprints on the board in front of them and asked two simple questions: “What are these and what do they tell us?” The class enthusiastically answered that they were looking at footprints on a beach and those footprints, they said, can show evidence that someone stepped somewhere — but also added that footprints can get washed away by waves. Smiling, Gordon brought up a new slide. This time, an outline of a foot filled with internet company logos such as Google, Facebook and Instagram flashed on the screen. This is a “digital footprint,” he explained to the class as they peered over their Google Chromebook laptops, but a better word to describe what the internet is really like would be “digital tattoo.”

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