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February 17, 2015

Unprecedented Opportunities: Online Learning Explosion Empowers GenDIY

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by Michael B. Horn, Huffington Post

More modular, approachable experiences on Khan Academy provide further opportunities, and the promise of exciting announcements from other players loom on the horizon. Adaptive-learning company Knewton, for example, is preparing a free customer-facing portal that would help students learn from the best resource for them at any given time. Higher touch online courses from places like Udemy also provide an accessible education for anyone to learn just about anything. More offerings in the future will allow students to connect synchronously to experts around the world to build social capital and supplement their learning. These experiences will also invite curiosity in the immediate environment around them to prompt students to explore and learn through internships, projects, co-learning experiences, and more. Already co-learning spaces are popping up across the world–led by players like General Assembly and Dev Bootcamp. It’s a brave new world, and the opportunity to piece together each student’s unique lifelong education is already rich.

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