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October 29, 2014

Digital Citizenship: Developing a Culture of Trust and Transparency

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by Andrew Marcinek, Edutopia

An acceptable use policy is a document that is present in every school district around the country. The purpose of this policy is to provide safe parameters for exploring digital resources and using school-issued devices properly. It also ensures that schools do their very best to block out the darkest corners of the web. And while these policies are effective and required, they have not evolved in their semantics. Within the development of these school-wide policies, several shifts need to happen. My observation about the need for a semantic shift, probably one of the biggest shifts requited, reflects how acceptable use policies are interpreted by students. Essentially, these policies read more like a legal document rather than a document that students can understand and carry out. Additionally, we need to shift the focus from “you shouldn’t do that” to a sense of empowerment around technology. In short, schools should place a positive connotation around technology use.

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