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December 19, 2014

UW Studio Physics courses lay framework for active learning

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BY TIM STEERE, Laramie Boomerang

The studio physics model is a hybridization of nearly the entire physics education process. In other words, the approach combines the traditional lecture, lab and discussion period into one comprehensive session. Most of the time, students work in small groups of three or four to solve conceptual problems or experiment with lab equipment. As a result, both Dale and Kobulnicky see improved attendance, material retention and fewer students seeking help outside class. “We’ve got some dramatic attendance numbers,” Kobulnicky said. “My attendance average is well over 90 percent and that’s remarkable for an introductory physics course at a state university. I had everybody there today. I would not want to go back to a traditional lecture where students are sitting there falling asleep. That’s no way to learn physics.”

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