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October 24, 2020

These are the types of people struggling most with remote work

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Gwen Moran, Fast Company

What were the indicators of people who are struggling with working from home? The researchers found two. One was agreeableness. This trait is “often associated with an individual’s proclivity toward maintaining positive relationships, feeling others’ emotions, sympathizing with others’ feelings and being interested in their challenges,” the researchers wrote. In other words, can you just go with the flow? People who are highly agreeable are more comfortable adapting to new situations. “They’re not going to get as frustrated. They’re not going to create as much conflict as new things are taken up,” Brodsky says. The other factor was neuroticism. In this context, these are people who are highly conscientious and self-aware, but they get anxious and fearful under pressure. The researchers found this group had the most trouble adapting to all-virtual work.

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