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February 16, 2013

A cheap Android phone is now a good phone. Your move, Apple…

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By Matt Baxter-Reynolds, ZDNet

I’d used Android kit for work, but that’s not the same as living with it. So I bought a Nexus 4 when they came back into stock in the UK, the idea being to spend the least amount of money possible as I presupposed it would disappoint as much as first- and second-generation Android devices had. What I received was a fantastically good phone, and one that within an hour had relegated my iPhone to the “list of phones I used to use”. Whereas a year or two ago Android versus iPhone was about as fair a fight as a stone-age tribe against going up against a squadron of time-travelling F-15s, today a cheap Android phone is a very good phone. And that’s a real problem for Apple, and also for Microsoft and BlackBerry.

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