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November 26, 2012

Psychologists Release Emotion-On-Demand Plug In For Virtual Characters

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by The Physics arXiv Blog

Joost Broekens and pals at the Man-Machine-Interaction department at Delft University in The Netherlands have created a set of six virtual expressions based on FACS. Each expression is a set of vectors that together specify how different parts of an animated face should move to simulate a basic emotion. A virtual character simply imports these vectors to take on that expression. They then asked human volunteers to evaluate each expression, asking them to determine the emotion it represents and its intensity when the virtual character is near and further away and when viewed from the side. The results show that these virtual expressions communicate emotions in more or less the same way as human faces. There are one or two minor differences: a fearful expression also tends to look surprised and disgust can be confused with anger, something that other researchers have also found.

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