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November 18, 2012

LinkedIn’s Core Mission: Making Its Profiles The Next Generation Résumé

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by DREW OLANOFF, Tech Crunch

I spent a few hours on the LinkedIn campus a few weeks ago, with the sole mission of learning more about the new LinkedIn profile redesign. It was quite a shift from its previous iteration, and instead of just letting the regular news cycle and announcement go without further detail, I wanted to actually spend time with the people who put their ideas, blood, sweat and tears into the project. As you might know, something like this isn’t easy, especially when you have as many users as LinkedIn does. Not only that, but there are many different types of LinkedIn users who participate on the site for a slew of reasons: people looking to connect, people looking for a job and recruiters looking for talent. How do you design and re-design one site to make all of those people happy? That’s what I set out to learn

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