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October 15, 2012

The 24-hour, technology-free challenge

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By Jason F. Wright, NV Daily

For months I’ve wanted to write a piece about disconnecting myself from technology for 24 hours. The hurdle? Actually disconnecting myself from technology for 24 hours. I’m so dependent on my websites, email, Facebook and cellphone that I’ve doubted whether I could survive. What would I miss? Would I have withdrawals? Would my fingers glide across an imaginary phone and send imaginary texts to imaginary friends? My wife, the professional optimist, insisted I could do it and last week encouraged me to finally launch my technology-free challenge. The ground rules were simple: For just one day, from noon to noon, I’d have no cellphone, no computer, no television, etc. Though driving the car was a must, I would even keep the radio and iPod off.

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