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August 31, 2012

New Reality: No One Wants A Cheap PC Anymore

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For years, Windows PC makers won customers by selling low-priced systems that were good enough for most computing needs. That business model no longer works, and finding a new one is going to be painful. That suffering has already begun. This week, Hewlett-Packard and Dell cut this year’s profit forecasts, partly due to low PC demand. Acer, the world’s third largest PC maker, has also lowered its sales expectations for the rest of the year. Very little is expected to change when Windows 8 PCs hit the market in the fall. Even the most important upgrade in years to Microsoft’s nearly 30-year-old operating system has failed to excite people who in the past would have been heading to retailers in droves to buy the latest PCs during the holiday shopping season. IDC projects less than a 1% increase in PC sales this year.

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