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August 27, 2012

IBM Breaks Efficiency Mark with Novel Solar Material

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by Martin Lamonica, Technology Review

An IBM-led research teams says that a combination of copper, zinc, tin, and selenium (CZTS) could meet current thin-film efficiencies with more abundant materials. IBM says it has made technical progress on a solar technology that researchers hope will yield efficient thin-film solar cells made from abundant materials. IBM photovoltaic scientists Teodor Todorov and David Mitzi on Friday detailed the findings of a paper that showed the highest efficiency to date for solar cells made from a combination of copper, zinc, tin, and selenium (CZTS). Published in Advanced Energy Materials, the technical paper described a CZTS solar cell able to convert 11.1 percent of solar energy to electricity. That level of efficiency is a significant jump from the 10.1 percent efficiency Mitzi and colleagues showed last year.

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