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March 6, 2019

What Higher Ed Can Learn From the Newspaper Industry

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Scott Carlson, Chronicle of Higher Ed
Colleges, heed the warnings of my industry. Newspapers are generally for-profit enterprises; colleges in most cases are not. But the parallels between journalism and academe are striking: We both deal in knowledge and have public service at our core. We have legacy institutions (Harvard, The New York Times) and upstarts (Coursera, Vice Media). Smart, intractable, and often underpaid people — professors and reporters — form the foundation of our industries, taking complex or specialized information and breaking it down for an audience. For many of those people, their academic or journalistic professions are all they ever imagined doing with their lives. To watch their industries crumble is a source of great heartache. And while we might blame macro trends and disruptions — anti-intellectualism, the internet, the machinations of our political opponents — the fact is, we kind of did it to ourselves.

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