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March 2, 2019

Product Review of Quillionz, The World’s First AI-Powered Question Generator

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by Matthew Lynch, Tech Edvocate

Quillionz is the world’s first intelligent tool for automatically generating questions from written content. This unique AI-driven platform has the potential to transform the way teachers create quizzes, tests, and assessments. Quillionz accomplishes this by leveraging the power and promise of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. That’s what makes it a game-changer. The Quillionz platform is free to use. Teachers can create their free Quillionz account by visiting the Quillionz website and signing up. If you want a more human touch as opposed to relying entirely on artificial intelligence, you can use the Quillionz curation service. For a fee, their team of instructional design experts will review and revise the questions created by the AI engine, and provide you with a collection of curated, handpicked items. More information about the Quillionz curation service is available on their website.

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