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December 10, 2018

Introducing the Futurice Principles for Ethical AI

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Minna Mustakallio, Futurice

As an integral part of our Futurice Data & Ethics initiative – and also coinciding with our role as a key contributor in AI Finland’s Ethics Challenge – we recently set out to come up with our own Principles for Ethical AI for our work. As a result, we now have a set of tailored principles that we are also happy to share with our clients and the rest of the community. These principles are meant to support and guide our decision-making whenever we are creating autonomous systems and dealing with data and algorithms. As our work deals with ethical issues on a very practical level, we wanted our principles to also reflect this at a slightly more concrete level than just high-level statements. These principles are not set in stone – they will be frequently adjusted as the field of data & AI ethics advances, and also based on feedback from our teams, clients and other stakeholders.

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