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February 24, 2012

Review: Getting Stuck on Pinterest

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By Rachel Metz, Technology Review

The largest of a growing number of so-called social curation sites, Pinterest lets users corral images and videos of everything from tasty food to wedding dresses on virtual bulletin boards, and also discover those created by friends and strangers. Some people use the site simply to collect pretty pictures; others employ it to help plan weddings, keep track of good recipes or items they want to buy. Most people, I suspect, are using it for many different things at once. Pinterest isn’t the first or only site of its kind, but it’s far and away the hottest, due, in part, to its clever design and relative ease of use. Its popularity may also be due to the fact that Pinterest isn’t even publicly available. Anyone can search for pins and people, but to add your own pins to the site, you need to either request an invite from the Pinterest folks, or beg a friend who’s already using the site to let you in.

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