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February 23, 2012

Windows 8 Tablets Need Low Cost, Lots of Apps, Android Weakness

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By: Nicholas Kolakowski, eWeek

Despite its impressive share of the mobile OS market, Google Android faces significant challenges from its rivals. Claiming that Android violates its patents, Microsoft has managed to conscript a growing number of manufacturers into paying it royalties for every Android device sold. Meanwhile, Apple continues its expensive quest to sue the purveyors of the operating system (which the late Steve Jobs claimed was a “stolen” product) into oblivion. That could pay off in a big way for Microsoft. “In the wake of the new low bar for pricing set by the Fire and the Nook and the looming Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility,” IHS added in its note, “manufacturers and branded vendors are looking to Windows 8 tablets as a more profitable alternative.”

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