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July 7, 2018

Can Online Education Inspire? I Think So

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by Marvin Krislov, Forbes

But perhaps the most inspiring commencement ceremony was for students graduating from our online education programs. These students tend to have families and careers, responsibilities well beyond coursework and exams. But they’re motivated to complete their degrees, and their stories are moving. Several dozen made it to our lower Manhattan campus for their graduation. They came from all over the country, some with children, a few stepping onto a college campus for their first time ever as a student. Their stories remind us of the important role high-quality online education, following a rigorous curriculum and tied to an educational institution, plays in educating underserved communities. And they highlight the importance of finding ways to make education accessible to all students—of all ages, in all locations, on all schedules, to help those who are seeking new skills, transitioning to new careers, or otherwise working hard to make themselves better-prepared employees.

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