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June 5, 2018

Everything you knew about Chromebooks is wrong

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By Mike Elgan, ComputerWorld

Google’s slow, limited, browser-only, cloud-centric laptop platform is now the most powerful and capable user platform on the planet. Yeah, I said it. Apple fans laugh at this idea, saying that a MacBook Pro can run the Chrome browser and gain all the benefits of a Chromebook, as well as all the benefits and leading-edge content-creation tools of a far more elegant, better designed and better engineered device.  Windows users carp that Chromebooks are cute, but not serious business tools. The Surface Book 2 is also a tiny laptop, they say, but a real computer. Linux developers concede Chromebooks are interesting but argue they can’t be used for software development. But these obsolete stereotypes are not compatible with the new reality of Chromebooks.

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