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May 21, 2018

Columbia College is eliminating book costs, fees for adult students

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by Ian Nickens, KOMU

Adult classes at Columbia College are now going to cost just one fee for courses, and that fee covers everything. Starting in the 2018 fall semester, evening and online undergraduate students will only pay $375 per credit hour for classes, and that includes books. “We found a way to essentially negotiate in bulk with the publishers,” said Columbia College President Scott Dalrymple. “The college itself is buying the textbooks and we’re passing those savings along to the students.” Columbia College calls this new way of charging tuition “Truition.” The program is meant to give students who are also balancing a job an easier way to afford their education. “Truition applies to all the other students we have across the country who are generally coming part-time and for whom fees and books are significant costs and barriers to going to college,” Dalrymple said.

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