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October 15, 2011

Buy iPhone 4 Instead of iPhone 4S: 10 Reasons Why

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By Don Reisinger, eWeek

After the Oct. 4 introduction of the iPhone 4S, Apple has been focusing much of its efforts on getting consumers to buy its latest handset. To make that sales pitch, Apple is focusing heavily on the device’s new dual-core processor and improved camera. Apple has also highlighted its new “wireless system” that should provide users with downlink speeds of 14.4M bps. Apple is hoping that the iPhone 4 will rapidly fade from buyers’ memories. The iPhone 4 smartphone that was once all the talk at Apple headquarters has now been relegated to the “obsolete” category because of the iPhone 4S. As one might expect, Apple is hoping most folks opt for its latest model, rather than the previous version of the device. But should they? Apple’s iPhone 4S certainly has a lot of attractive features. But the iPhone 4 remains a viable option for many customers. In some ways the iPhone 4 might even be a better bet for the average customer.

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