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October 14, 2011

Google Wave, Reincarnated

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By Tom Simonite, Technology Review

Two startups in San Francisco are betting that one of Google’s most ignominious failures will be their ticket to success. They’re launching software that implements key ideas from Google Wave, a complex communication tool that the company launched in 2009; at the time, Google claimed it would displace e-mail, but the project was quietly shuttered 16 months later after few people adopted it. Wave was a complex combination of wiki, e-mail client, instant-messaging application, and more. The most technologically impressive thing about it was the way it enabled people to work on the same document, or “Wave,” simultaneously, and see the changes made by other people happening live around their own edits. This is the experience that two new startups, Stypi and LiveLoop, are betting can be a success after all.

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