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January 23, 2018

Here’s what U.S. colleges will look like in 2030

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By Jillian Berman, Marketwatch

Many American colleges will have to look different decades from now if they’re going to survive. That’s one of the many arguments in “Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education,” a book by Nathan Grawe, an economics professor at Carleton College, published late last year. Grawe explores how demographic trends — like the shift from majority white to majority-minority, from northeastern population centers to the Southwest, and declining birth rates — will affect American colleges.  Schools that don’t think creatively about how to adapt to these changes could be forced to merge or shutdown, he concludes. Those same outcomes are predicted by Moody’s Investors Service and others. Schools likely won’t face these challenges acutely until at least 2026 and beyond, but Grawe suggests they use the time they still have to prepare.

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