Android App Piracy Hurting Developers, Consumers: Survey

By: Fahmida Y. Rashid, eWeek

The Android Market is turning into the “Wild West” of app piracy. Android apps are easy to steal, and this hurts both developers and consumers, a new survey finds. Android developers are encountering problems with software piracy due to the way Google has structured the Android Market, according to a recent report. This is not only hurting developers, but also the consumers who are buying Android-based smartphones and tablets. In a survey of 75 Android developers, 52 percent claimed to have used some form of anti-piracy mechanisms in their applications, a Sept. 7 report from research firm Yankee Group found. In the same report, 62 percent of developers said they lost sales after implementing anti-piracy features, as “customers are not big fans of licensing systems or copy protections.” About 82 percent of developers claimed implementing copy protection resulted in locking out users from applications that were legitimately purchased.

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