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June 2, 2017

Educators Must Accept Tech Methods, Higher Ed Leaders Say

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Izabela Uscinski’s students hear an unusual message in their first-ever college writing classes: Open up your laptops, and let’s all work together. The University of Houston visiting assistant professor requires students to drop drafts of their papers in a shared Google folder, where they type notes on each other’s writing styles and arguments for one another to see. Uscinski watches the conversation unfold, commenting on student feedback and giving pointers of her own. It’s a far cry from traditional peer editing techniques, when students swap papers and scribble notes in the margins. That method isn’t effective, she said, because new college students don’t yet know what helpful feedback looks like. What could be an useful exercise, then, wastes time. Uscinski is one of several UH instructors experimenting with ways to integrate life in the classroom with life on the screen.

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