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January 2, 2017

Let there be light! Online platform lets students do science in real time

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by Dyllan Furness, Digital Trends

Dubbed the Biology Cloud Lab, the interactive platform is designed to engage scientists of all ages by letting them remotely control LEDs around communities of light-responsive cells. Although the single-celled organisms (Euglena) depend on light to make energy, they retreat when the light source is too strong. By manipulating the light’s direction and intensity, users can watch the Euglena react in real time and, later, hypothesize about the cells’ behavior. “Classic microscopy is just passive observation,” Stanford assistant professor of bioengineering and co-lead of the project, Ingmar Reidel-Kruse, told Digital Trends. “The Cloud Lab is interactive, i.e. a user can push a button, turn on a light, and see a cell responding. That is a paradigm change, which enables a totally new type of firsthand experience.”

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