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August 9, 2016

More Than a Million Syllabuses at Your Fingertips

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by Andrew Rikard, EdSurge

By measuring the number of times a text appears on different syllabuses, OSP calculates a “teaching score.” The more a text appears, the higher the score is. Topping the list is “The Elements of Style” with Plato’s “Republic” and “The Communist Manifesto” not far behind. Each individual entry shows the top books assigned with it, data they’ve turned into a myriad of visualizations, including the network below. The project recounts what teachers teach—what the next generation of young college grads will read. The metadata, which OSP plans to release to the public (date TBD), will be open to researchers and for-profit educational technology companies alike. From journal articles on literary canon development to great book recommendation software, the future looks bright for the data.

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