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December 13, 2015

Google Chromebook Now Owns Over 50 Percent Of Educational Tech Market Share In US

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By Anu Passary, Tech Times

In a short span of three years, Google’s Chromebooks have leapfrogged its way from accounting for less than a percent to over 50 percent of the educational market share in the U.S., thwarting rivals Apple and Microsoft in the process. Google has inched past rivals Microsoft and Apple when it comes to the educational technology space thanks to its Chromebook. The Google Chromebook now accounts for over 50 percent of the lucrative educational tech space in the U.S. According to data from a Futuresource Consulting report cited by NBC, Chromebooks now encompass over half the devices that are deployed in classrooms across the U.S. This is a colossal increase for the device and speaks volumes of its progress as in 2012, Chromebooks only accounted for less than a percent of the gadgets used in education. The leapfrogging of Chromebooks has confounded even analysts.

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