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December 10, 2015

Handprints in the Cloud: Exceeding Environmental Footprints

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By John Pflueger, Dell

The “handprint” is the positive counterpart to the footprint – the good that arises from our actions and work. The term was coined by Greg Norris of the Harvard School of Public Health who realized that we were only looking at the negative part of the equation and ignoring beneficial by-products. In this sense, he was looking at the bigger picture. As Dr. Norris said, “we can have a net positive impact on the planet if the good that we do, the positive changes we purposefully bring about in our lives, are greater than our footprints.” This net positive handprint is especially evident in what cloud computing can enable. Consider the cloud in all its manifestations: public, private, and hybrid. It connects us to sources of empowering knowledge and enables us to innovate, collaborate, and advance in entirely new ways.

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