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November 29, 2015

How a 6 month ‘degree’ could put you ahead of the competition

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by Will Worley, CNN

Nanodegrees are a new form of online learning, focusing on specialized tech related subjects. They are run by a company named Udacity, which has close links with Google. ┬áIf successful, they could herald changes in business practice (CNN)While college degrees take years to complete and cost many thousands of dollars, Google is now backing a scheme to get people a “nanodegree” in just six months. Devised by U.S.-based company Udacity, Nanodegrees are online learning courses aimed at providing up-to-the-minute qualifications in specialized tech subjects like “Android development,” “full stack web developer” and “data analysis.” Proponents say they are shorter, more focused and more practical than traditional degrees, and can be easily kept up to date in today’s fast-changing environment. The benefits, they say, are a cheap, world-class education that is easily accessible.

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